Top Rated Las Vegas Helicopter Tours

Do you wish to take one of those top rated Las Vegas Helicopter tours to see the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam? If so, check out this article.

helcioptAre you planning a trip to Las Vegas? Well, the city of fun, frolic, casinos and nightclubs has more to offer you than you can think of. The famous city in the state of Nevada has the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon that are not to be missed when you are visiting Las Vegas. Taking the usual bus or a car ride has become a thing of the past and that is why try something very different and “out of this world”. The best way to get a perfect trip of the Grand Canyon as well as the Hoover Dam is to take a helicopter tour.

Taking a ride on a helicopter is surely a lifetime experience for many and if you wish to fulfil your dream, then Las Vegas in the place to make your dream come true. Different companies operate and organize private Helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon. While planning for the trip you can search the internet to find out the top rated Las Vegas Helicopter tours that are available during that time of the year.

The helicopter tour also includes the Skywalk, and hovering over the Las Vegas Boulevard. Apart from these you can also hover over Lake Mead which is the largest manmade lake in the United States and the Guano and Eagle Points. The helicopter tours are very popular in Las Vegas and visitors take this exotic trip to get a bird’s eye view of the magnificent city on the dessert.

You can book your ride beforehand to avoid any disappoint later. The helicopters are available daily from the North Las Vegas Airport, Boulder City Airport and McCarran International Airport. Most of the top rated helicopter services use the EcoStar 130 helicopters and it because of the features that these helicopters have. Let us check out the features:

  • Advanced climate control if you need air or heat
  • It has got a stadium style seating with all the seats facing forward
  • The helicopter has a panoramic view with a wind shield of 180o wraparound for best visibility.
  • The cabin of the copter is 25% larger than the regular choppers.

heliheliWith such facility and easy of traveling, these helicopter rides are great fun in Las Vegas. So book you top rate Las Vegas helicopter tours in advance.

A Ride in a Helicopter – Try It

Many of us dream of living the life of the rich and the famous. At least we want to have a taste of it, no matter just how much we reject it. Maybe a few of us look for delights and experiences like James Bond, living our lives in the fast lane.

helicoptor Whenever we can, we prefer to make, our secret wishes come true and indulge in our flamboyant tastes. And it’s does not get more glitzy and glamorous than the helicopter tours.

You can go on Helicopter Tours to mark a special event; your anniversary or your birthday. They are a method to reveal to your children the high lifestyle on the day of their college graduation or even have an extravagant day out with your family.

Helicopters mean a lot of things to people; for some they represent style and beauty for others they suggest power. That’s why you see romantics reserving a ride for 2 to celebrate an anniversary. They are also known to work with corporate events by those who want to make a statement.

They are an ingenious way of seeing a brand-new city. You could be in a holiday destination that’s known for its scenic views and exactly what better way to enjoy it than from a helicopter ride on your luxury trip?

You will find helicopters in different parts of the world that deal with hugely different customers. You can reserve the one of your choice and that helicoptor fits within your budget because some of them can be fairly expensive.

What do Helicopter Tours provide?

They are offered for lengths of time, and their prices vary accordingly. You can select one fit for you and enjoy it to the fullest. You can book a journey on your own, for 2 or a group as per your requirement. The majority of these trips will certainly have insurance coverage and taxes included in their fares. You can pre-book your seats in advance and get discounts. Some of them deal with visitors so that they can enjoy views a new destination has to offer. Many of these offer perks, like limousine pickups and champagne to make your experience much more special.
You can book these as a thoughtful present for your loved ones. Hop on these tours and sky’s the limit for you.