Different Types Of Limos

Limousines, popularly known as limos are luxurious vehicles that are usually driven by a driver that is referred to as a chauffeur. Conventionally, they are usually black or white although of late there are come in different colors. They are no doubt one of the most expensive forms of transport that are regularly used by wealthy businessmen. Other than being used by wealthy businessmen they are also used for special occasions like weddings, promotions, and parties. Let us now look at the different types of limos;


The sedan limo

carThe sedan limo is the smallest type of limousine. It is also the cheapest because it does not have many features and it is the smallest in size. It can accommodate between two and three individuals because of its size. This type of limo is commonly used for the airport transport. There are places where it is also used as a taxi cab to ferry wealthy people in business from one point to another.

The stretch limo

The stretch limo is almost identical to the sedan limo although it is slightly longer. There are three types of limos which come in different sizes. The three types of stretch limos include the ten pack, eight pack, and the six pack. If you intend to transport a small group of individuals, then the stretch limo is the ideal option. It is critical to note that the fewer the number of people in a limo the better; at times ten people in a limo may be uncomfortable because it may be cramped.

Super stretch limos

We also have another type of limousines called the super stretch. The super stretch limo is modeled in different ways. It may be modeled as a Hummer, Escalades, Excursion, Bentley, and Towncars just but to mention a few. They are great for political rallies or parties whereby particular individuals want to travel together. Some of the features that they have to include exotic lighting, bars, and television.

Party bus


The party bus is another type of limo that is rising in popularity. The party buses provide the exact services and luxuries as the other types of limos. Some of the features include the fact that they are spacious and this means that individuals can walk, jog, jump, and stretch themselves while in these vehicles. This type of limo is ideal for people who party. They have lighting and sound system that is a replica of the night clubs. The party buses can accommodate up to forty-four people.

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