Top Reasons for You and Your Family to Get Locked in an Escape Room

If you are looking for a way for you and your family or friends to have fun, you should consider getting locked in an escape room. An escape room can is a type of game of clue or a puzzle. 

escape room puzzleYou have to work out a series of clues to unlock the door within a specified amount of time to escape from the room. The idea of being locked in a room with your family or friends may sound a bit scary, but it is a lot of fun. Some of the top reasons why you should try it out are highlighted below.

To Experience the Challenge

Before being locked in an escape room, you will be given the room’s backstory, which you can use to work your way out of the room. The backstory will be related to the theme of the room, into which you have to put yourself. For example, a room can have a chess match theme or a bank heist theme. The many different themes allow you to choose a room that will offer you the most fun. With the backstory, you will now have to face the challenge of escaping by searching for and solving clues. The challenge is not only fun, but it also can stoke your family’s imagination.

To Improve Critical Thinking

problem solvingWhen spending time with your family, you should engage in activities that will not only be fun but also engages their minds. Watching TV or playing video games with your kids does not do so. Being locked in an escape room will force you and your family to think critically. Escape rooms are fun but not easy. The more they think outside the box, the more their critical thinking skills will improve. The game also teaches the children to ask questions, which is an important skill.

It Is Low-Tech

In current times, it is common to see everyone in a family staring down at their phone instead of communicating directly and having fun together. Escape rooms is a good idea to get everybody off their phone and get them sharing a bonding experience. That will help to ensure they do not become anti-social. You will not need your phone or anything high-tech to play the game.

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