Things To Be Considered When Hiring A Bouncing Castle

Bouncing castles are temporary inflatable structures that are rented for functions, schools and church festivals and are used for recreational activities particularly for children and also adults. Our kids are most precious gifts we could have so when it comes to hiring of this equipment; we should think beyond the usual. The bouncy castle hire in perth offer one of the best services when it comes to the hiring of the bouncing castles. The following are things to be considered when hiring a bouncing castle.

Things to Consider

The age group to be playing

bouncing castleNow days bouncing companies can provide the equipment that either children or adults can use. The depth of bed differentiates between these two types. The one’s adult enjoys deeper than the ones children enjoy playing on. When hiring one is advised to tell the company the age who will be using it so as the desired equipment is delivered.

A place to be erected

Mostly the bouncing castles are placed on hard surfaces whether in front or back gardens. The surface should be on a flat surface free from sharp objects. By putting it in the right area, we minimize the chances of small accidents and interruptions from occurring.

Size of the Bouncing Castle

There are several factors one considers when determining the size of bouncing castle to be hired namely, the space available for the equipment to be erected. Lastly the type of people who will be entertaining themselves at the bouncing castle either children or adults.

Commercial Quality

The bouncing castles should be of commercial quality only. The aspect of safety is adhered to, and the chances of entertainment and fun being comprised are minimized.


When hiring bouncing castle, you must hire from an established company which offers these services. You must do your research very well and settle on the best company that are most reliable since the chances of being late down will not occur on that special day.

Number of People

It is important to note that the majority of bouncing castle being used limit the number of individuals who can be using it at any one time. It is recommended the figures to be considered to prevent accidents from occurring

The price

bouncing castleThe price is always the first factor always come first when one considers hiring bouncing castle. We all like to bargain, but cheap does not always represent the value of our money. So many bouncing castle companies employ this equipment at the reasonable price, and the aspect of safety is one of their priorities.

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