Classical and Contemporary Art

Art is anything that individuals add to their ‘output’ which is not functionally necessary and is other than the default Properties of that output.

The word “art” has been obtained from the Latin word ‘ars’, which, loosely means, “arrangement” or “to organize”. This is the only universal artdefinition of art, which whatever it is was at some point organized in some method. There are lots of other colloquial uses of the word, all with some relation to its etymological roots. This word originates from the Greek technic definition art.

Art and science are generally dealt with diagonally opposite to each other. While science suggests some phenomenon leading to reality, which is universal and unbiased in nature. In other words, science findings can be repeated under the same set of situations anywhere in the world at any given point of time. The same can not be said of art. Art, on the other hand, is purely subjective in nature.

Art can roughly be divided into 2, namely philosophical art and esthetic art. The philosophical kind of art involves human figures for some purposive actions. In other words, philosophical art depicts a human condition, or it is the theoretical state of mind of the artist.

Visual or esthetic art, on the other hand, reveals the viewed state of mind. Two examples will help illustrate these two points of view. The Mona artLisa painting is philosophical art, while a devil being killed by a super human is visual. These two classifications are called classical and contemporary art respectively.

There are other ways of classifying art. Among them is architecture, design, painting, music, drawing, literature, performing art, etc. While these have been (and still are), conventional forms of art performed by mankind, more recent forms of art have arisen with the arrival of innovation. Some of the later era art forms are games, animation, film, computer art, shooting, etc.

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